Repurposing “Stuff” as Stamping Tools- Great Yard Sale Finds!

I wanted to share my latest “happy accidents” which came in the form of two great yard sale finds.

I really enjoy using the Tim Holtz ink applicators to apply ink to “stuff” ( paper, chipboard, flowers etc).  I also like to keep an applicator for each color family I use- e.g. blues greens, reds, etc an in some cases  I further divide the color family such as one applicator for light blues and one for dark blues.  Unfortunately  wanting to have so many different applicators on hand can get pricey.

The original:

Lucky for me, I found some traditional office stamp handles that I can use as a substitute:

It was easy to tear off the piece of rubber that was on the bottom.  I took a piece of foam and used glossy accents to adhere it to the bottom of the stamp.  It took less than a minute.   It dried nice and securely and is ready to ink up!  Check it out:

I also found a lucite holder that  I picked up thinking that I could use it to store my Ranger mini-misters.  Works PERFECTLY for that and also holds pens, too!  I love these yard sale finds!



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